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Plantronics EAR LOOP, KIT, (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE), S12, H141, H141N is made for you to enjoy using the headset. This device is made with quality material and it is also very comfort when placed on the ear. The ear hook for CHS142 will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed when using your device. It is made with special materials that will not cause you any discomfort even if it stays on your ear for a long time. This device will also make you more productive, especially if your job permits you to receive calls regularly. When placed on the ear, you can go wherever you want and have the opportunity to talk with your callers clearly. The Plantronics ear hook for CHS142 comes in different sizes. In comes in small, medium as well as large sizes. Also, another interesting feature of this Plantronics ear hook for CHS142 is that is has lightweight. You will feel so comfortable and relaxed like there is nothing on your ear. The ear hook is also highly durable and it is made of quality nylon material.