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The Plantronics EARTIP, BELL TIP, TRISTAR, CUSHION SMALL 1PR. is specially made to give you more comfort whenever you put on your headset. The eartips as well as earbuds are made with quality cushions to give your ears the best treatment they deserve. The ear is a very sensitive part of the body and that is why you should use headsets with nice cushions. Especially for people who normally make calls for hours or those whose job is to make calls for hours, you will enjoy using the Plantronics ear cushions for H81N. The softness of these ear cushions will make you stay on calls for hours without even realizing. You will also hear your callers clearly, just like they are standing in front of you. The quality of the material used in creating the product is unique. Because your comfort and well-being is more important, these ear cushions from Plantronics are made of high quality and durable materials to enable you enjoy making use of your headset. The shape and sizes of these ear cushions are made to fit into your ears perfectly. You will not feel any bit on discomfort or find the cushions falling out of your ear. The Plantronics ear cushions for H81N is a must have for everyone who wants to enjoy making calls for hours all the time in a comfortable state.