Plantronics Eartip for Voyager legend 3 Ear Tips



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The Plantronics eartip for Voyager legend comes in 3 different sizes. You can have them in small, medium as well as large sizes according to the one that perfectly suits your device. Each of the eartip kits has three silicone eartips that are of the same sizes. This product is specially created to offer maximum comfort to the user. The medium sizes of this Plantronics eartip kit comes with foam covers that are optional for users. The foam cover is designed to provide maximum comfort to users, who may prefer as it helps to reduce pain that may result from staying too long with the phone. Everyone likes comfort and the ear is also a very sensitive part of the body. However, people who spend up to 8 hours or more per day communicating will appreciate the benefits of using this Plantronics eartip kit. The product offers great sound quality as well as noise reduction. This is why people working in a busy environment can still make calls comfortably without any obstruction. The receiver will not notice the noise from the background but only hears your voice clearly. The Plantronics eartip for Voyager legend is also very easy to install. If you mistakenly broke any part, you can go replace it easily.