Plantronics ENCOREPRO HW530



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Plantronics EncorePro 530 Headset

Corded headsets are the first headphones being used commercially and are still popular with many businesses today especially contact centers and customer care centers. These places get countless calls every day thus they are favorably used by their agents.  

Comfortable Style:

The earpieces need to be comfortable for the agent to wear as they have to wear them for the whole day. These one-sided earpieces are very light to use only about 22 grams. They are lightest in weight when comparing it with other releases by the manufacturer. They are specially designed for the office workers and call representatives offering them comfort for the whole day wearing and communicating effectively with their clients. They perfectly fit over the ear style and gives the representative a chance to stay in touch with their surrounding environment as well. The material is comfortable and durable to use with exceptional features that make these headphones more demanding.   

Virtual Surround Sound:

These headphones are excellent in providing quality sound to their users.  The communication is made stronger and reliable with these earplugs as they are manufactured with superior noise-canceling microphones. They are specialized to provide the agents with a clear cut conversation with their clients without any background noise or wind. The microphones are highly developed to catch the sound waves of the speaker and transmit them to the other end without any distortion. The touchy mic with its positioning guide making it more attractive to use.

Controls n-ear Cup: 

 The mono sided ear cup is made out of the soft ear cushion that provides relief and comfort to the ear. The over the ear headset is ideal for the busy office environment. The one covering earplug allows the user to entertain both the co-workers and clients at the same time. The one-touch control gives you complete access over your gadget for taking the calls or adjusting the volume according to your desire. The perfect match is made by the affordable price and quality of the product.

Universally Compatible:

These earphones are compatible to be used with various multimedia devices. They are universally compatible to be used with smartphones, desk phones, tablets, and PCs. They are certified to be used with Skype, webinars and other calling apps. They provide HD voice clarity for you at all levels. You can collaborate in the conference calls for business meetings without any sound distortion. They provide the finest voice clarity via flexible microphones. They are laser welded which makes them light weighted and durable against any fall. 

They are strong enough to overcome such incidents and still would not be effected for the brilliant performance. The manufacturer supplies these earpieces with a warranty of 2 years. This period is enough to check and test the reliability of a product that you have invested in. Plantronics has built the customer's trust in its products for decades and have never disappointed them.


  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Headphone type- Corded
  • Wireless- No
  • Wearing style- On ear
  • Wideband audio- Yes
  • SoundGuard technology- Yes
  • Noise Canceling microphone- Yes
  • Quick Disconnect- Yes
  • Weight of the headset- 22 grams
  • Warranty- 2 years


  • All day wearing comfort (Adjustable fit)
  • Ideal for busy environments
  • Noise canceling Microphone
  • Quick Disconnect
  • SoundGuard technology
  • Wideband audio provides superior sound quality
  • On ear wearing style
  • Finest voice clarity via flexible microphone
  • Soft Ear cushions
  • Laser welded

2 years warranty by the manufacturer