Plantronics ENCOREPRO HW530



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Plantronics EncorePro 530 Headset

Countless benefits including 100% guaranteed product has played a role in developing the name of in past few decades.  It is known for the quality it supplies and the free customer care facility. In addition where the customers are not satisfied with the product, they are the pleased to attain the sales return offer.

HW510 Headset

In the series of Plantronics EncorePro 500, this headset is simply an amazing one a user demands for. This is a new headsets in the series by Plantronics. It's an over the ear design which is the lightest in weight when comparing to all the new releases by the manufacturer. The headset is specially designed for office worker and call center representatives offering them the comfort of all day wearing and communicating with their clients effectively. With regards to flexibility and reliability, the headset has a perfect touchy Mic with its positioning guide making it more attractive. The superior noise cancelling microphone allows the user to have clear cut conversation without any background noise or wind. In addition, the headset is constructed with a comfortable material and is therefore a durable style.  High quality audio and other exceptional features makes the headset more attractive. The price and quality of the product is also a perfect match. The over the ear headset is ideal for the busy office environments. The design of the headset perfectly matches with its performance and style. It’s a one ear covering headset that allows the user to entertain both the co-workers and the client at one time. Moreover it adds soft ear cushions that prevents the damage that can cause to the ear. Plantronics has offered a two years warranty for the users that gives the users a relief. It is basically a value addition to this branded headset.


  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Headphone type- Corded
  • Wireless- No
  • Wearing style- On ear
  • Wideband audio- Yes
  • SoundGuard technology- Yes
  • Noise Canceling microphone- Yes
  • Quick Disconnect- Yes
  • Weight of the headset- 22 grams
  • Warranty- 2 years


  • All day wearing comfort (Adjustable fit)
  • Ideal for busy environments
  • Noise canceling Microphone
  • Quick Disconnect
  • SoundGuard technology
  • Wideband audio provides superior sound quality
  • On ear wearing style
  • Finest voice clarity via flexible microphone
  • Soft Ear cushions
  • Laser welded

2 years warranty by the manufacturer