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Plantronics EncorePro HW710 Headset

Focusing on maintaining its position in the Headsets industry, is striving harder where multiple competitors are struggling to be the market leader. Since 1964, the company is known for the quality it offered. Hence countless benefits also provided aid to the company in establishing its name.

HW710 Headsets Overview

A model of Plantronics EncorePro 700 series, designed specifically for the call center representatives who can easily deal with the client on one site while noticing the actions being carried on in the office on the other side. The headset is uniquely designed covering one ear with exceptional features that makes it more comfortable and entire-day wearing (Leatherette ear cushion). The corded headset adds noise canceling microphones that enhances the voice quality produced by the headset and making it easier for the caller to hear you by eliminating the background noise and wind. Hence it allows a smoother conversation to take place reducing the chances of misunderstandings or repetitions. The headset further claims the never experienced and clear-cut audio quality by including a wideband audio (when paired with wideband telephone).

There is a quick- disconnect connection that makes the headset universally compatible i.e for any application. Direct connect cable is the basic requirement. One can also look for a compatible amplifier. Plugging the headset to any of the above mentioned requirements would assist a user in beginning the conversation.

Some of the connections for the headsets includes the following;

  • Computer
  • Personal computers using a USB connection and Soundboard
  • Multi- line business phones

The headset further offers a hands- free communication despite the fact that it is corded. The ultra-modern headset is slim and light in weight.


  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Model- Encore 710 (700 series)
  • Compatibility- Office Desk Phone
  • Style of Headset- Single ear
  • Weight of the headset- 53 Grams
  • Noise cancelling microphone- Yes
  • Wearing style- Over the head
  • Speakers- Mono/ single
  • Quality of voice- wideband
  • Microphones- extendable boom arm
  • Warranty- 2 years (by the manufacturer)


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable (all-day wearing)
  • Noise cancelling microphones eliminates background noise offering effective communication to take place.
  • Exceptional sound quality (wideband audio)
  • Award- winning design (slim and stylish)
  • Quick- Disconnect connection
  • Affordable price
  • SoundGuard technology prevents any damage to hearing with the increase in sound i.e above 118 DBA

Plantronics EncorePro 710 Warranty

Two-year Limited warranty by the manufacturer