Plantronics ENTERA HW111N-USB



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Plantronics ENTERA HW111N | HW111N-USB Headset

"P/N: 201595-01" has been adding the most flexible, reliable and comfortable headsets either corded or cordless. The company aiming to fulfill the users need focuses on storing the headsets mostly demanded, along with their selling strategies. With the increased technology, variety of leading headsets brands are focusing on the compatibility of various headset that attracts the larger targeted audience.

ENTERA Overview:

The USB Monaural Corded headset is considered as the great value of money for the office professionals. It offers great performance to the users especially to those who are looking to wear their headset for entire day. It features Noise cancelling microphone that offers the user to destroy and blocks the undesirable background noise. The headset is available in dual- earpiece and single earpiece (allowing the user to communicate with the colleagues easily). It’s a USB headset which is ideally designed for working environment, therefore features Quick Disconnect. It allows the user to communicate effectively while leaving their desk.


  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Type of headset- Call center headset
  • Type of headset- Corded
  • Wearing style- Monaural (On- the- ear)
  • Sound output mode- Mono
  • Microphone type- Boom
  • Frequency response- 150 Hz- 6.80 KHz
  • Remote control- Calls answer/ end, Volume, mute
  • Warranty- 2 years


  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Flex- boom microphones
  • Monaural wearing style (Over the head)
  • Remote control to handle calls, volume, mute