Plantronics FILTER, RFI (CS50 ONLY)



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If you need a device that will allow you to initiate and receive calls with your desk phones without any irritating background noise disrupting you and your callers, then the Plantronics Filter RFI is a wise choice. This In-line RFI noise filter from Plantronics plugs into the RJ22 type of handset port and it works for any particular type of desk phone. There are many features that make this device a nice one to use. It is made specially to allow users to enjoy optimum communication with their gadgets thus eliminating any background noise that may result. The Plantronics Filter RFI helps to filter out radio stations as well as other sources that try to interfere on the wireless or wired headset. It is very simple to install when the right device is selected. Also, it is a very simple 4 pin modular connection which works well on corded M22 amplifier. In addition to all its unique features the RFI filter also comes in about 2.7 inch of length. This device is also made with the highest quality of components which makes it durable and effective to use. It works well for all desk telephone that has the RJ22 handset port.