Plantronics H3 Cradle Black (No Backplate & No Screws) -Non-Returnable



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Plantronics H3 Cradle Black (No Backplate & No Screws) -Non-Returnable-

The walker cradle h3 is designed for users who want to enjoy quality communications. It is designed to help callers increase the volume of incoming calls to a suitable level under any condition. Even if you work in a busy environment where the noise won’t let you hear others clearly not to talk of receiving a call, this device will allow you to receive income calls without any background noise interfering. It is available with a special Noise-Censor transmitter for enhanced call clarity. This transmitter is specially designed to let you enjoy an amazing call quality even in a noisy environment. For people who may have some form of hearing impairment, this device is available with features that will let you hear what your callers are saying clearly. It comes with a rotary volume control system and an amplifier to increase the volume of incoming calls. The walker cradle h3 is also highly durable. It is made of quality components that allow it to withstand any condition or environment.