Plantronics Headband Behind-The-Neck Encorepro HW540



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Plantronics Headband Behind-The-Neck Encorepro HW540

The Plantronics hw540 Headband Behind-The-Neck Encorepro is designed to withstand the rigors of all call intensive environments. It is made of tough nylon type of material and it is also flexible, durable and light in weight. This headband is comfortable and unobtrusive. It is designed for people who want to eliminate the steady pressure of an earloop placed around the ear. It is very simple to use as it easily snaps onto an headset. The design of the Plantronics hw540 Headband Behind-The-Neck Encorepro is amazing. It is a fantastic substitute for the traditional type of over-the-head style of headband. This Plantronics hw540 Headband Behind-The-Neck Encorepro delivers a positive fit and finish. It also provides high audio quality and a flexible mic that comes with visual positioning guides. This device is designed to provide complete comfort for all. It is manufactured with soft ear cushions, which also makes it possible for you to put it on for hours without feeling the effect. The HW540 is designed for all-day wearing. It is made of the highest quality of components and it is also light in weight. It also offers exceptional voice clarity and can be used even in noisy environment. The QD (Quick Disconnect) feature of the Encore pro 540 offers walk away convenience as well as compatibility with all direct connect cables, desk phone audio processors and Plantronics USB.