Plantronics Kit QD Lock for Corded Headset

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The Plantronics QD lock kit is a special device made by Plantronics to give users the opportunity to enjoy using their headsets. This quick disconnect (QD) lock is uniquely designed to fit perfectly onto all types of the Plantronics H and P series headsets that has any of the special quick disconnect designs. Also, the new security lock makes use of the slot in the Quick Disconnect halves to build a very strong, as well as tamper-proof lock. This audio cable will not reduce the quality of the audio sound. You will enjoy communicating with your headset once it is properly installed. In addition to good quality sound, everyone also needs a good quality product that will last long. However, this cord is constructed with copper conductor and the right quality of material for transmitting great sound. The length of this cable is also one unique feature to like about this device. You will not be glued to one place when you make use of this 13. 12 feet long Plantronics Kit QD Lock for Corded-Headset. The audio cable is simply amazing and it is a must have for everyone using the H and P series headsets.