Plantronics Large Bell Tip with Cushion PTH200



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The Plantroncis large bell tip with cushion is a unique device used for Tristar headsets. This Large eartip is made of quality material to let you enjoy using your headset. The foam used in making this large bell tip from Plantronics is soft and very comfortable to wear on the ear. It provides the needed comfort that the ear wants even when you make use of your headset for a long period of time. This Large Eartip Bell Tip from Plantronics is a wise buy for people who spend more time with their headsets on. It stays on the ear gently and does not give any sharp pain even after a long time of wearing the headset. In addition to being comfortable to wear, this ear cushion is also durable. The ear cushion covers your ear completely even while you make calls. It covers the ears completely so that you can make calls without any background noise interfering. The Plantroncis large bell tip with cushion covers the ear completely so you can hear what your caller is saying properly.