Plantronics MARQUE 2 M165 BLACK



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Plantronics MARQUE 2 M165 BLACK Headsets | 88120-01, M165 BLACK

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M165 Overview:

An exceptionally designed mobile Bluetooth headset by Plantronics has been considered as the smartphones best friend that has come up with the DeepSleep power- saving mode. It offers voice commands to either answer or ignore the calls. It also adds noise canceling dual microphone which makes the quality of the call superior by reducing the distortion in the background and the noise of the wind. The exceptional advanced feature in the headset of voice command makes it demanding as there is no need to press a button either to answer or end the call. Furthermore there is a comfortable fit when using the headset due to an optional earloop and the availability of three different sizes i.e small, medium and large of the silicon eartips that is flexible. No matter if you are willing to listen some music or watching a movie, you will receive exemplary sound quality.  
The power saving mode is activated when the headset is away from the phone for about 90 minutes. When it is back in its range i.e 33 feet or less, the user has to wake it up by tapping the call button. The battery readiness is also extended up to 180 days when the use of DeepSleep power saving mode takes place.


  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Battery type- Lithium ion
  • Color- Black
  • Type- Standard mono headset
  • Form factor- Clip- on/ ear loop
  • Noise cancellation- Yes
  • Controls- Answer/ ignore call
  • USB charging- Micro USB port
  • Weight- 0.25 ounces
  • Depth- 0.6 inches
  • Height- 1.9 inches
  • Width- 0.4 inches


  1. Graceful design with exceptional finishing
  2. DeepSleep power saving mode
  3. Noise reduction via Dual mic
  4. Tune streaming
  5. Voice command i.e say if you are willing to answer a call- (hands free communication)
  6. Rich audio
  7. Comfortable (all-day wearing as three optional eartips)
  8. Guidance provided via pairing
  9. Lightweight
  10. Long- lasting battery life
  11. FindMyHeadset- i.e in case you forget keeping your headset, your smartphone, iPhone or any other device will send a tone to it that will assist you in finding.