Plantronics MS200 Commercial Aviation Headset



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Plantronics 92382-01 MS200 Aviation Headset is reselling the well suited headsets and higher quality accessories. Affordable and standard products are resold with extra benefits that only few other offers in the entire industry. Free shipping benefit is one of the widely demanded benefit as it saves a huge cost of the customer if the difference is greater. Customer loyalty is enhanced with the pay-back guarantee within 30 days product return.


A reliable, comfortable and outstanding headset designed with advanced technology for commercial aviation. It is light in weight that makes it all-day wearing. For the purpose of carrying and stow, the headset Plantronics 92382-01 MS200 Commercial Aviation Headset is a perfect fit. With regards to the design, it is exemplary and latest in fashion. The addition of noise cancelling microphone empowers a clear- cut uninterrupted communication between the ground and air. The under the ear wearing style allows a secure fit for the user of this headset. The superior audio quality enhances the charm of the headset. In addition, a clear conversation increases the demand of the headset.

Plantronics 92382-01 with GoHeadsets

The model of MS200 92382-01 has 2 cords of 5 ft each where one is PJ055 while the other is PJ068. The headset is compatible with almost every phone. Other models of it might need an adapter or a cable connector to work with several other phone models.


  • Brand/ Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Headset style- Over the year
  • Weight – 0.32 oz (headset only)
  • Length of cable- 1.8 m
  • Connectors- Microphone: PJ068 or equivalent, molded

                       Receiver: PJ055 or equivalent, molded

  • Type of receiver- Dynamic
  • Receiver impedance- 600 ohms
  • Receiver sensitivity- 90 dBSPL along with 1mW input at 1 KHz
  • Frequency response of the receiver- 100-4000 Hz
  • Microphone- Noise canceling with an amplifier
  • Sensitivity of Microphone- dBV -28 * 150 ohms along with an input of dBSPL of 94 at 1kHz
  • Response of microphone frequency- 300-5000 Hz
  • Voltage of supply- 8 to 16 V dc
  • Part number- 92382-01 


  • FAA approved
  • Clear- cut voice transmission
  • Noise canceling Microphone
  • Lightweight and unique
  • All-day wearing comfort
  • 5 ft cord each (PJ068 and PJ055)
  • Under the ear wearing style
  • Exemplary and outstanding audio sound quality
  •  Customized fit as per the users need.
  • Reliable, durable and portable conveniently