Plantronics MS250



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Plantronics MS250- Commercial Aviation Headset

A reseller of different headset brands around the globe- offers several benefits, one being free shipping benefit. The company returns the payment to the customers who are not satisfied with the products.  A proper research is conducted by the company during the procurement process and the most workable, professional and versatile headsets are purchased as the company offers 100% guarantee on the products it is reselling.


Commercial Aviation Headset are crucial, hence the communication between air and ground should be effective. Plantronics Headsets are qualitative and offers the crystal-clear communication between the two. Just like other models, the MS250 is also an amazing one offering variety of benefits to the users. It has a 5-foot cord PJ055 and PJ068 each. When considering the sound quality, it is much reliable and exemplary. Its comfortable style and a comfortable standard make the headset more demanding. It further adds a noise-canceling microphone that clears the background noise and provides uninterrupted and effective communication.


  • Length of the Cable- 5.75 ft
  • Connectors: Microphone: Molded or equivalent PJ068  
  • Receiver: Molded or equivalent P J055
  •  Type of receiver : Dynamic
  •  Impedance of receiver: 600 ohms
  •  Sensitivity of receiver: 90 dBSPL with an input of 1mW at 1KHz
  • Receiver Frequency Response: 100 to 5000 Hz
  • Type of Microphone and Amplifier- Noise-canceling electret microphone with amplifier
  • Microphone and Amplifier Frequency Response: 300 to 5000 Hz
  • Microphone and Amplifier Sensitivity: -28 dBV into 150 ohms with an input of 94 dBSPL at 1kHz
  • Microphone and Amplifier Supply Voltage: 8-16 V dc
  • Gross Weight -Headset: 1.95 oz (55.4 g)
  • Gross Weight -Cable: 4 oz (115 g)


  • Comprehensible voice transmission between the Air Traffic Control and commercial pilots accompanied by noise-canceling microphones (Models used with MS200, MS260 and MS250)
  • Understandable voice transmission
  • Superior audio quality lets the user hear every word clearly.
  • Different styles of wearing- customized fit
  • All-day Comfortable wearing
  • Commercial aviation headsets being reliable and durable from a company offering service since 1964.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and compact design
  • All standards are met

Quality trusted- approved from FA