Plantronics P10H Plug-Prong Amp, 10'Coil CORD SOQ12



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Plantronics P10H Plug-Prong Amp, 10'Coil CO RD SOQ12 (old P/N 29362-02)

The Plantronics P10H Plug Prong Adapter is modified with more sensitivity to offer higher output. It is designed to let ACD and PBX operators enjoy the convenience and comfort the Plantronics’ technology is known to offer. The P10H is specially designed to work with any type of the H-series headset. It gives users the opportunity to select the best styles that meets the needs of their application. Another unique feature of this device is that it is very easy to install and use. All you need to do is to plug in your P10H adapter into any of the operator console you like (ACD, or PBX) and plug in your desired headset. This device is made of the finest quality of material to withstand any harsh conditions and for enhanced durability. It is made with quality components which enables it to deliver the amazing sound quality of the famous Plantronics devices. You can also adjust the volume of incoming calls to a comfortable listening level. It comes with volume and automatic, a Quick Disconnect feature and a 10-foot coil cord.