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Plantronics Aviation Pouch Headset Case

The Plantronics 71226-01 POUCH AVIATION is a special case designed for aviation headsets. Just as the aviation sector is unique, this aviation case by Plantronics is made to provide extreme security and protection for aviation headsets. The Aviation Pouch headset case is a wise option to travel with. It is also very comfortable and easy to carry along to any destination by hand. The material used in making this device is of the highest quality. That is why this dedicated hard shell travel case from Plantronics can withstand any condition or environment. However, you can extend the life of your aviation headset with the Plantronics 71226-01 POUCH AVIATION. It helps to protect your headset against any form of damages and scratch that can destroy its appearance or performance. This headset aviation case also comes with a unique zipper closure to keep your headset intact no matter where you place them. It is very important to keep your headset in a secured manner. With the Pouch Aviation from Plantronics, your headset will always function at an optimum level. In fact, it also protects the headset from dust and other stains.