Plantronics Quick Disconnect in-Line Mute Switch



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The Plantronics In line Mute switch is one device users will find very interesting to use. This device comes with features that will allow you to have total control of your calls. You can decide when to end your call or not with this device. You may also go ahead to prevent your callers from hearing your voice or any sound from the background when making use of this device. This Plantronics device is just like every other unique device from the reputable manufacturer. It comes with an in line mute switch which allows users to mute their voices while on a call. You can mute your voice with the switch on the device and your caller will not hear your voice too while you can hear him or her clearly.  The device also connects perfectly well between the Quick Disconnect cords of headsets’. The Plantronics In line Mute switch also comes with a unique finger tip control switch and it is made with durable materials. This product is also made with quality materials to ensure its durability and comfort. In fact, it can withstand any adverse weather condition. The device can also be used on H-series headset.