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When it comes to choosing an adapter cable that would make your wireless headset to become more useful to you, the Plantronics external ring detector for AWH55 is a wise choice. This external ring detector gives special added ring detection when used for the right device. It gives such features with the Avaya AWH55 as well as the equivalent models. Also, everyone likes to use devices that will last long. No one will like to invest on an adapter cable that will last only for a short time. Unlike other similar products, this external ring detector from Plantronics is highly durable. It is made with quality materials to withstand any harsh condition. This device is also compatible with other models. In fact, this cable adapter will allow you to have total advantage of the entire wideband audio that come with the 9600 types of phones. You can make use of this amazing cable with your headset and wide band QD (Quick Disconnect) features which will cause your headset to detach without even losing your call. The Plantronics external ring detector for AWH55 is also compatible with all standard desktop phones. In addition, it also comes in different colors for users to select their choices.