Plantronics S11 Headset Only



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Plantronics replacement headset for s11 is an electronic device built for maximum comfort. This device is very special and can connect to both single and multi-line telephones very easily. Initiating or receiving calls with this device is also very convenient. In fact, you will enjoy your conversation with people over this headset because the sound quality is really impressive. It comes with unique noise canceling microphone which helps to reduce background noise to a minimal level. That is why users always enjoy clear conversations when making calls. The universal amplifier that comes with this device is also compatible with a lot of phones. It also provides volume and mute control that offers users the opportunity to adjust the volume of the sound to a comfortable level. This monaural headset styled device will make employees to be more productive and focused on their jobs. It doesn’t emit any unusual high pitch sound when making phone calls. It was built to prevent such from occurring. You may even stay on your calls longer than expected because of the calmness of the sound that emanates from this device. The ear cushion is also foam material which is also comfortable on your ear. You will never get tired of using this durable and quality Plantronics replacement headset for s11 to receive and make phone calls.