Plantronics SHR 2639-01

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Plantronics SHR 2639-01 Headset | 92639-01

Premium Headset, 10-12 Weeks Lead Time/NON-RETURN/CANCEL - Part Number - 92639-01

Value- addition is one of the oldest routine followed by Goheadsets which is claimed to be continued for future years. A custom maintained in past many decades is an aim of the company to benefit people however they can. Free shipping being the perfect example of reducing the cost burden from the customer’s head.

SHR 2639-01 Overview:

A premium Circumaural headset designed and manufactured by Plantronics specifically to be used with Dual- Channel adapter by Plantronics. The common over the head wearing style of the headset might bore the user but the exemplary features of the headset would definitely appeal the larger targeted audience. With no remote control and power battery, the headset is equipped with 2 years warranty by the Manufacturer.

SHR 2639-01 Specifications:

  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Product type- Headset
  • Wearing style- Over the head
  • Headphone type- Binaural
  • Connectivity technology- Wired
  • Headset form factor- Circumaural
  • Type of Remote control- None
  • Type of Battery- None
  • Microphone type- Boom
  • Other Cables- Headset cables
  • Warranty- 2 years


  1. Binaural headset
  2. Boom Microphone
  3. Leatherette earpiece