Plantronics SHR2301-01


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The Plantronics SHR2301-01 headset is dynamic and rugged in its design. This headset is designed to offer users maximum comfort and exceptional durability. The SHR2301-01 headset from Plantronics is like no other. It is suitable for environments that are very busy and noisy. This SHR2301-01 headset from Plantronics will make you enjoy initiating or receiving calls with your headset. It covers your hear completely, so there will not be any distractions as you continue making your calls. It is also made from the finest components for enhanced durability and use. With amazing features like a dynamic and noise canceling microphone, communication is always enjoyable. The noise canceling microphone offers un-interrupted communication as well as speech clarity. The Plantronics SHR2301-01 headset also comes with a unique headband that is adjustable. You can adjust the headset to any length that is comfortable for you. It also has a leather ear cushions that enables it to deliver comfortable as well as full spectrum sound quality consistently. In addition, it also includes an H-Series QD (Quick Disconnect). This headset also has a sturdy construction which enhances its strength. It comes with different options such as a PPT, compatible cable and a connector.