Plantronics SHS1890-25 Push-to-Talk Headset Amplifier 6 Wire



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The Plantronics SHS1890-25 is a Push-to-Talk headset adapter for use with many 6-wire applications.

SHS 1890 Features:

  • Allows the use of any H-series headset top in 6-wire controller and dispatch operations
  • PTT switch with selectable locking or momentary operation
  • 25-foot coil cord
  • PJ-7 (equivalent to WE-425) connector
The Plantronics SHS1890 allows the use of a wide variety of receiver styles. Each receiver has the following features:
  • Acoustic limiter: Solid-state limiting device across the receiver transducer
  • Frequency range: 300 to 3300 Hz
  • Distortion: < 5%