Plantronics SHS1890-25 Push-to-Talk Headset Amplifier 6 Wire



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The Plantronics headsets come in different styles and varieties to fit into the wide range of needs and wearing styles. The communication is made effectively and efficiently through these headphones but in some cases, the accessories may fail to work. There are many reasons that such as breakage, damage due to any short circuit or any other technical problem may occur so Plantronics do supply their customers with the parts and accessories for all the Plantronics products. This is wise to attach the same company component to the headsets whether it is the battery, charger of an amplifier. The Push to talk headphones is used in places where there is a high demand for standard security. They are used just like the radios or walkie talkies as they are not interrupted by any other line and provide a one-line conversation thus complete privacy to your conversation.

Battery life:

These earpieces adaptors are for use with many 6-wire applications. They are highly recommended for the H-series headsets top in a 6-wire controller and dispatch operations. It is difficult for the receivers that are used frequently in the busiest environment to be placed for the charging for long hours. Thus these portable amplifiers are light weighted and a built-in lithium battery that can last for more than 8 hours when charged fully. They are well operated to control the audio/mic levels. They can be inserted in the pocket or can belt behind your back/waist simply.  


They are reliable and durable for quality earpieces. These products allow the use of a wide variety of receiver styles. The receivers that are used with these adaptors must have a solid-state limiting device across the receiver transducer and a frequency range of about 300 to 3300 Hz. The distortion level of those receivers must be less than 5% for a better communication experience. You must check the compatibility of the adaptor with the existing equipment or earpiece before buying as every model have its specification of connectivity.  They are developed with a Quick Disconnect feature and 50-ohm impedance. These amplifiers offer radio and telephone communication for the 9/11 emergency dispatch applications. 

Other Exceptional features:

They possess long length coil about 25-foot coil cord. They are range up to 150 feet depending on the environment. The robust push to talk switch with locking/ non-locking operational modes. They possess two charging wells one for the remote unit while the other charges the included the spare battery. The 25-foot coiled interface cable with PJ-7 connector (equivalent to WE-425).  The coil is flexible and insulated with the protective layers to touch. They are easy to set up and easy to use with compatible headgears.

SHS 1890 Features:

  • Allows the use of any H-series headset top in 6-wire controller and dispatch operations
  • PTT switch with selectable locking or momentary operation
  • 25-foot coil cord
  • PJ-7 (equivalent to WE-425) connector
The Plantronics SHS1890 allows the use of a wide variety of receiver styles. Each receiver has the following features:
  • Acoustic limiter: Solid-state limiting device across the receiver transducer
  • Frequency range: 300 to 3300 Hz
  • Distortion: < 5%