Plantronics SHS2310-10 - Push to key Switch with QD - Receiver amplification - 10 Coil Cord



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Plantronics SHS2310-10 Headset Base-Assembly

Just like other Plantronics devices, the Plantronics SHS2310-10 is famous for its unique features that make communication more enjoyable. This headset base assembly comes with an amplifier for improved sound quality better use of the compatible devices. The length of the cord produced with this device also makes it more special. It comes with different coil cord length options for users to make their choices. It is available in a10ft, 15ft as well as 25ft coil cord length and the different length of the cord makes it more comfortable for users. It is also compatible with all H-series type of headsets, as well as dispatch operations. There are other features that make communication easier with this device. It comes with a PJ-7 connector as well as a fixed gain receiver amplifier. It also has a Push-to-talk switch and produces up to 10dB of receiver amplification. In addition, the Plantronics SHS2310-10 is very reliable. It is made with quality components, designed to withstand any condition or environment.