Plantronics SSP 2646-01 USB Footswitch

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Every organization wants their employees to be more efficient. Thanks to technology, it is has now become very possible to achieve such quality in every individual. Plantronics SSP 2646-01 USB Footswitch devices are made with special features that makes it convenient for people to multitask and one of those devices is the Plantronics SSP 2646-01 USB Footswitch. It specially designed for home use and for busy organizations that want their staffs to be more productive. It will keep your hands free, so that you can perform other tasks successfully. This device has a USB type-A connector that permits the use of a foot-switch in applications like the USB-PTT. It is also made of high quality metal and the surface is well protected in order to prevent it from getting damaged easily. The Plantronics SSP 2646-01 USB Footswitch comes in a 10-ft straight cable length. It is a heavy duty metal foot switch that is built to provide excellent comfort. Another feature that makes this device amazing is that unlike other devices, it is very easy to install.