Plantronics SUPRAPLUS HW251



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Plantronics HW251 SupraPlus Wideband Headset

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Plantronics HW251 SupraPlus

The supraPlus headset along with the creative VoIP technology comes across with the exceptional audio performance, reconstructing the voice clearness which then results in reduced blunders, reiterations and tiredness suffered by the listener. A comfortable headset designed for entire-day wearing and can be attached to several phones for most of the applications. With regards to the office professional or the contact center agent, the frequency response band, stylish design and resourceful boom delivers high-level audio veracity and flexibility. The superior background noise reduction and echo performance is supported by the Ultra noise-cancelling microphone and at the same time the monaural wearing style is changeable for the purpose of wearing on any ear. The headset is fully compatible with regular and accepted requirement of the band. In addition, there is a Quick Disconnect string that allows the user to move anywhere from their phone without removing headset. This cord simply connects to Vista M22 Audio processor which is crucial for the clearness of call for communication with the inclusion of wideband VoIP. To function, the headset either requires an audio processor (M22) or adapter. Furthermore, the headset’s superior performance results in comfort for the user along with improved productivity.


  • Type- Headset (Corded)
  • Brand/ Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Model- HW251  
  • Cord length/ Max range- 10ft
  • Connector type- Quick Disconnect
  • Microphone- voice tube
  • Earpiece-Foam
  • Color- Black
  • Compatibility of DC adapter- Not Applicable
  • Digital Encryption- Not Applicable
  • Special technology- Wideband technology
  • Battery life- Not Applicable
  • Reversible- Yes
  • Headset lifter compatible- Not Applicable
  • Busy Light- Not Applicable
  • Quick Disconnect- Yes
  • Wearing style- Over the head
  • Lines (Telephone products only)- Not Applicable
  • Compatibility- Where the headset is paired with an amplifier, it is capable of working with single (existing) or multi-line product.


  • Monaural design i.e the headset speaker only covers 1 ear.
  • Future proof i.e consistency with VoIP phones.
  • Quick Disconnect cord that allows a user to leave their phones while leaving their desk and without removing headset.
  • In harmony with Plantronics amplifiers and adapters (USB-to-headset) - best result with amplifier.
  • Designed for the challenging and demanding environment.
  • First-rank quality audio ensures that qualitative communication with the customer takes place.
  • Complacent design for thorough use.
  • Earpiece option- varying the needs and the requirement.
  • Entire-day wearing comfortable and reliable headset.


  • 2 years replacement warranty.
  • 30 days for Returns for Refunds.
  • 30 days return for replacement.