Plantronics T110 Single line analog telephone with over the head monaural headset



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Blending superior comfort and reliable audio performance, the cost-effective Practica T110 Headset Telephone is ideal for workers in growing contact centers. The T110 pairs a generously cushioned, noise-cancelling headset with an ergonomically designed, firm-key dial pad that reduces the stress of repeated manual dialing. A dial pad supervisor port gives users direct access to a manager, promoting rapid training and problem resolution. The T110 features flash, mute, and redial buttons as well as three flash settings—98, 300, and 600ms. Adjustable volume and tone/pulse controls provide added user convenience and comfort.


  • Supports 1 analog phone line
  • Supports tone or pulse dialing
  • Ringer Hi/Low adjust
  • Talk On/Off button
  • Receive volume
  • Redial
  • Flash with variable delay 98,300 and 600ms
  • Online indicator light
  • Supervisor port for training purposes
  • No Quick Disconnect feature
  • Warranty - 1 year