Plantronics TRISTAR H81 (Discontinued) replaced by Plantronics HW540



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Plantronics TRISTAR H81 Headset | 88828-01(Discontinued) replaced by Plantronics HW540


It has been observed that the sales of the headsets has shown an increased trend. The reason behind is the increase in the call center businesses. Impressive and innovative headsets with exceptional benefits are sold out at various platforms. Goheadsets focuses on quality that the user’s are desperately looking for and therefore offering 100% guarantee for the product.

ENCOREPRO 540 Overview:

A Plantronics headsets equipped with extreme comfort and stability. The headset offers the user a Monaural wearing style with a 3.5mm speaker and USB connectivity. This uniquely designed headset further features Noise cancelling microphone that reduces the level of unwanted noise in the background, offering the crystal- clear communication to the user. With SoundGuard technology, the headset offers protection to the user’s ear from the sudden increase in volume. Due to it’s being light in weight and comfort style, the headset is simply an amazing one allowing the user all- day wearing. Quick- Disconnect feature offers the user walk and talk comfort. It is a durable headset, shipped with four ear bud sizes that lets the user in making selection.


  • Manufacturer- Plantronics
  • Type of Product- Headset
  • Type of Headset- Corded
  • Frequency response- 100- 4000 Hz
  • Wearing Style of Headset- Monaural
  • Input Impedance of Headset- 150 Ohm
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone- Yes
  • SoundGuard technology- Yes


  • USB Connectivity
  • 3.5 mm
  • Earbud Style (Monaural wearing style)
  • Three- fit points
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Light- in weight (Comfortable)
  • SoundGuard technology protects the user’s ear
  • Noise cancelling microphone