Plantronics Value Pack Supraplus-Spares

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Take total control of your communication with the Plantronics Value Pack Supraplus-Spares. In this package, you will find everything you need to completely enhance your communication gadgets. It comes with a voice tube, 2 ear cushions, cord clip, 3 cleaning towelettes, as well as a cord clip. In addition, these devices are also suitable for the SupraPlus SL and the SupraPlus Wideband. So, if you have any of these devices, all you need to do is to get the Value Pack Supraplus spares from Plantronics to start enjoying your communication gadgets. The ear cushions are made with soft foams to provide the comfort that your ear needs. The material used in making these ear cushions are such that when you make calls for hours, you won’t feel any discomfort or sharp pain in your ear. The voice tube is also made with the highest quality of components to enable you enjoy the best audio quality. This device will allow you to communicate clearly, as it eliminates any background noise. In addition, your callers will hear your voice clearly without picking any sound from the background or straining their ears. All of these devices are made for you to enjoy communicating with your headset or handset. They are durable and also come with a reasonable price tag.