Plantronics W3-500CP, Black (with 36' Armored CORD ) - Non-Returnable

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Plantronics W3-500CP, Black (with 36' Armored CORD ) -Non-Returnable

The Plantronics W3-500CP, Black pay station handset is designed for enhanced communication. This one-piece heavy duty type of handset also comes a special armored cord. Pay station handsets of this nature are constructed with heavy-duty lexan plastic. This is why the W3-500CP tends to be more durable than other similar communication gadgets. The cord length of the Plantronics W3-500CP, Black is 36 inches. It also comes with a carbon microphone type. People who have challenges with their hearing can also make use of this communication gadget. In fact, it is not only loud in volume but also compatible with hearing aids. This handset is designed for users to enjoy excellent communications even in noisy environments. It produces sound this is loud which can let you hear your callers clearly. The Plantronics W3-500CP is not too expensive. It comes with special features you will need for enhanced call quality as well as a special price tag.