Plantronics W6-K-M-Em-80-RP, Black



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Plantronics W6-K-M-Em-80-RP, Black

The Walker W6-K-M-EM-80-RP-00 handset is a special type of handset. It is compatible with telephones that come with a reverse polarity handset just like the Panasonic. The W6 is perfect in every way. It hosts an amplified receiver that is controlled by a rotary volume control. When it comes to listening volume, this device is superb. It helps to improve listening volume for clear reception up to about 20dB.  Another unique feature of this amplified headset is that it is also very effective even in a noisy environment. Even if the surrounding is noisy, users can still receive their calls without the background noise interfering. Unlike other similar devices, the W6 is also very easy to install. So, if you have a handset that is already old, a replacement will be better. This Walker W6-K-M-EM-80-RP-00 handset is compatible with some Panasonic telephones. For people using hearing aids, it is also hearing aid compatible. This handset is made of the finest of components for enhanced durability. It is also very reliable and comfortable for receiving calls anytime.