Plantronics W6T-500PN, Black (with 29- Armored C Ord)



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Plantronics W6T-500PN, Black (with 29- Armored C Ord)

The Walker W6T-500PN-00 amplified handset comes with special features that makes communication very easy for users. This amplified telephone handset comes with special Touchbar, Speech network as well as Amored cables for improved communication. These handsets are self-contained telephones that do not have the dialing function. However, they are used separately with a telephone company or an automatic dialing device. It does not also have a dial pad. In fact, it is a help phone ideal for applications such as building entries, elevators, lobbies as well as other security applications. This device is quick and also very easy to install. It also comes with built-in application as well as Touchswitch for users to control its volume with their fingertips. This device is also very reliable and durable. It is made of quality components for enhanced durability. Another unique function of the Touchswitch technology is that it resets to its normal state when you hang up. This Walker W6T-500PN-00 amplified handset also comes in a unique black color. It is also completely registered and approved for use by the FCC.