Plantronics W8220 SAVI 3IN1 STEREO UC Headset



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Quality sound and video is the demand of every gadget you buy. Whether you are listening to your favorite playlist or watching a movie you surely need headsets that can provide you better quality sound. Plantronics has been manufacturing outclass wired and wireless headphones that are suitable for personal and professional solutions. They are built-under the latest audio technology to give you high-quality sound.


These headsets are featured with DECT technology specially designed for call centers and customer service representative’s agents. They are highly recommended for the noisy places for the smooth conversation between you and the client. These wireless earpieces are easy to set up and easy to use with multi-devices such as smartphones, desk phones, and Pcs. They allow you to transfer audio between headset and mobile phone. They make your hands free to do different work while taking your call. Their wideband frequency allows you to move around the office without missing your call and keep you in contact with your devices with Bluetooth technology.


  • These ear pieces are designed to use for multiple functions. Works with Bluetooth phones 
  • Works best with DECT phones
  • Connects to PC and can be used to stream music/sound and for the voice calls
  • Works with traditional desk phones

Noise Cancellation:

These headsets are effective to use by the calling agents as they are engineered with noise-canceling microphones. These microphones are featured with close conversation limiting mode, which is designed to block background noise. They eliminate the background conversations, laughing and phone ringing to give you a peaceful atmosphere to talk. They insulate your ears from all the distortions in the outer environment so that you can hear crystal clear and can be heard properly on the other end as well. The ringer is conveniently built into the base with volume controls for off, low, medium or high. They provide you a wide band frequency of 580 feet so that you can never miss your valuable customer call. 

Control with Comfort:

These binaural earplugs are made out of the quality material which is manufactured with laser welding. The structure is made strong and durable to avoid any kind of damage or breakage during the fall. The design is inspired by the human body needs, for example, the headband is padded to give comfort while wearing on the head for longer call sessions. The ear cups are padded with ultra-soft leatherette cushions that allow your ear to hear the HD sound. The microphone boom is highly adjustable according to your comfort for the transmitting your natural voice tone. They provide a talk time of 13 hours before the need for the charge. The one-touch control assists you to manage the calls, volume and turn the mute on or off. The unified integrated voice alerts notify you when you have muted the headphone or stepped out of the range.


  • The Plantronics Savi 8220 Wireless DECT Headset System features wireless multi-device connectivity that allows you to transfer audio between headset and mobile phone
  • This headset has a noise-canceling microphone with a Close Conversation Limiting mode, which is designed to block background noise
  • The Savi 8220 Wireless DECT Headset System has built-in one-touch controls that answer and end calls, manage volume, and turn the mute on or off
  • An adaptive power system allows you to downshift to a low power mode when the headset is close to the Savi 8220 base to save battery life
  • This feature contributes up to 13 hours of talk time before needing a recharge
  • The headset's microphone boom is designed to be flexible so it can be positioned at an ideal distance from your mouth for optimized voice quality
  • The Savi 8220 Wireless DECT Headset System has integrated voice alerts that notify you when you've muted the headset or have stepped out of range
  • A ringer is conveniently built-in to the base with volume controls for off, low, medium, and high
  • The Savi 8220 Wireless DECT Headset System is built for UC applications and soft phones from Avaya, Cisco, and others


  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Call Control: Yes
  • Monaural or Binaural: Binaural
  • Noise Cancelling: Yes
  • Range - Feet: 580
  • Wired or Wireless: Wireless
  • Color: Black

Environmental Features:

  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Recycled Packaging