Sennheiser Around-The-Ear Headphone


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The Sennheiser around-the-ear-headphone is a special device made for modern sound lovers who want something more from their headphones. The ergonomic design of the headphone provides a comfortable fit and it also comes with a storage pouch as well as extension cable for added protection and length. This headphone will let you enjoy watching your favorite movie and listening to music without ant distractions. The closed ear design of this headphone also blocks outside noise from distracting users. It makes use of special acoustic transducers, which allows it to consistently reproduce clean sound waves directly to your ear. The headphone also comes with special plugs and 6.3mm stereo adaptor for excellent connectivity.  The plugs are gold plated and the headphone also comes with advanced acoustic system and lightweight diaphragms. It also produces powerful bass as well as increased signal levels for users to enjoy listening to music. It is also made of quality materials for enhanced sound quality and durability. The rugged design and quality of material used in creating this headphone also makes it capable of withstanding any condition.