Sennheiser PXC 450 Over-Ear Headphones


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The Sennheiser-pxc-450-over-ear-headphones is designed to offer users an opportunity to experience wonderful talk time. The headphone is made with Noise technology to let you talk through without being disturbed by any background noise. It is also built with quality patented Duofol Diaphrams, which helps to prevent any unwanted minor oscillation, with the assurance of a natural sound quality. This device also has a well-built volume control system which offers easy control of the level of sound one allows. In fact, you can adjust the level of the sound from this headphone to a comfortable listening level. The batteries of this headphone will also let you enjoy longer talk time because they tend last long once they are properly charged. The quality of sound is always something to worry about if you are making use of other headphones but with this headphone from Sennheiser, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. This headphone is produced with optimized circuitry pattern and the processors are highly efficient. It also makes use of high quality microphones which consistently permits crisp and clear communications. The material used in making the device is also of the finest quality there is. The headphone is also foldable and it is supplied with a complete transport case. It also comes with quality 2 AAA batteries as well as audio adaptors (6.3mm and double mono).