Sennheiser USB-ED CC 01 Coiled Quick Disconnect to USB Adapter Cable



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The Sennheiser USB-ED CC 01 cable adapter offers, in combination with Sennheiser’s CIRCLE™ and CENTURY™ headset variants*, contact centers and offices, an easy to implement and cost-effective transition to a Unified Communications environment.

It allows you to make a smooth and cost-effective transition to UC as you can continue using your existing Sennheiser CIRCLE™ and CENTURY™ headsets with Easy Disconnect plug*, maximizing your previous headset investment.

The USB-ED CC 01 is ideal for contact centers and hot-desking environments, where users frequently change shifts or work desk, as its durable Easy Disconnect plug with its simple quick-release mechanism reduces wear and tear on vulnerable PC USB ports and plugs.

*Variants: CIRCLE™ SC 230, SC 260 and CENTURY™ SC 630, SC 660

  • Smooth transition to Unified Communications – with plug-and-play USB connectivity for fast and simple setup

  • Maximize investment – continue using Sennheiser CIRCLE™ and CENTURY™ headset variants with Easy Disconnect plug*

  • Workplace flexibility – for hot-desking offices and contact centers with frequents shifts

  • Durable design - the Easy Disconnect plug is designed to withstand the repetitive plugging and unplugging of shift changes

  • Sennheiser Voice Clarity – wideband sound for a natural listening experience

  • Noise-cancelling microphone – filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity

  • Optimized for communication and multimedia - due to automatic sound-enhancement profiles

  • In-line call control unit – ergonomic, simple and functional for seamless call management

  • • Unique magnetic holder – simple fixation of the call control unit to the work desk for easy call handling at your fingertips

  • Reduced cable tangling - the coiled cable prevents the unit from being pulled off of the table and keeps the work surface free of cable clutter

  • Sennheiser ActiveGard®– technology protects you from acoustic shock and sudden sound surges

  • Switchable Noise at Work limiter – in compliance with EU Noise at Work legislation**