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VK-E-1600-65A Viking Electronics Emergency Phone with 5 Number Dialer OVERVIEW

If you are looking for an emergency phone having dialer/announcer and one that is ADA-Compliant then continue reading on.

An emergency phone that is ADA Compliant

When it comes to the 1600A Series ADA Compliant type of emergency phones, these are designed to give quick along with reliable hands-free communication particularly for any kind of standard analog telephone line and/or analog phone system kind of station port.

You should also know that all 1600A Series phones are such that they meet ADA requirements when it comes to the elevator or emergency telephones.

Some other features:

  • The VK-E-1600-65A is able to be programmed from Touch-Tone phones.
  • You should know how many emergency numbers and also central station numbers these phones can dial, i.e., till five programmable emergency numbers, and two central station numbers.
  • The call connected LED may be started manually or also automatically.
  • This phone is line-powered.
  • The feature that the visually impaired can benefit from is the grade 2 braille label.
  • This phone has a non-volatile type of digital voice announcer having 16 seconds of beneficial voice memory.
  • The optional items include PB-100 Polling System (DOD# 232) and the BLK-3-EWP handy strobe light kit (DOD# 653)

The VK-E-1600-65A can be used in:

  • Elevators
  • Convention centers
  • Parking lots
  • Stadiums
  • ATM machines
  • Campus or also roadside emergency stations
  • Lobbies, and
  • Entryways.

Why Viking Electronics?

Viking Electronics deals in designing and also manufacturing security plus communication products. You can get Emergency Phones, Auto Dialers, Paging Interfaces, Hot Line Phones, etc. from Viking Electronics. This company’s products are designed, manufactured, plus supported in the USA.

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