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VK-VE-9X12R-2 Viking Electronics Red Heavy Duty Outdoor Enclosure

If you are looking for a heavy duty outdoor enclosure consider the VK-VE-9X12R-2. The Viking ElectronicsVK-VE-9X12R-2 is an outdoor enclosure which provides your Viking product or some other telecom devices with weather protection.

This enclosure tends to be emergency red having silver lettering. It is made of cast aluminum enabling it to fulfill its functions. You will get a heavy-duty aluminum door that is labeled as “Telephone.” There is also a gasket seal which keeps out harsh weather.

Some Important Features of the VK-VE-9X12R-2:

Before buying any enclosure you should know about its features. Read on to find out about some features of this Viking Electronics Red Heavy Duty Outdoor Enclosure.

  • The construction is heavy-duty 319 cast aluminum type
  • This enclosure is powder coated to provide it with durability along with UV stability
  • You will get a drip guard as well as gasket sealed door
  • The “Telephone” label is 0.020 inch thick stamped aluminum having scratch resistant type of UV stable clear coat
  • There will be 0.5 inch NPT conduit openings particularly on top as well as bottom
  • There are mounting holes that are for a standard RJ11 type of wall plate
  • Available is a VE-SPG door return hinge spring
  • You can also get the VE-PBL push button lock along with key set.

Places that this enclosure can be used:

  • In parking lots
  • Roadside help places
  • Maintenance areas
  • In playgrounds
  • Building exteriors
  • Where there are swimming pools.

It is a good idea to visit a shop close to your home to see if it sells the VK-VE-9X12R-2. You may not need to pay for shipping here. Compare the prices and get the one that is the best for you.

If you choose to buy this enclosure online then check to see how long they will take to deliver this to you. If you need it quickly then you should keep this point in mind. Also, check out the return policy in case some issue arises.

About Viking Electronics

Viking Electronics is an electronics business that is involved in designing and also manufacturing many products concerned with security and communication. Some of their products include Emergency Phones, Auto Dialers, Entry Systems, Enclosures, Mass Notification Systems, etc. Viking products can be said to be USA products as they are designed, supported, along with manufactured in the USA.

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