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Viking Electronics E-40-BK with EWP OVERVIEW

The E-40-BK tends to be an entry phone. It is a single gang textured entry phone having enhanced weather protection. It is black in color.

Features of the E-40-BK:

  • It is a compact phone. The benefit of this is that it can be mounted in a useful standard single gang type of electrical box.
  • This phone is weather along with the vandal resistant phone.
  • It is a telephone line with powered kind of speakerphone made to give two-way useful handsfree audio communication.
  • This phone is easy to find in dark locations with the help of the blue LED that continually gives light so that one can see the push button when in a shady place. It dims to indicate off-hook moreover flashes while there is an incoming call.
  • This entry phone can share one single phone line particularly with the house or even small business telephones. This is when it is employed with the Viking C-200, C-250, C-500 or also C-2000B Entry Phone controller.
  • It may also be connected to some unused analog station port (and programmed for ring down) specifically on a phone system. It can also be connected directly to your telephone line. This is when it is employed with either a Viking K-1900-5 or the K-1900-30 auto dialer.
  • This entry phone features microphone along with speaker volume controls.
  • You will get the selectable auto answer particularly for monitoring plus intelligent call progress detection feature for automatic hang-up at the time the call is ended.
  • If you want replacement faceplates (PNL40-BK), these can be bought separately.

Outdoor installation features:

  • For outdoor installations, if this unit experiences precipitation or also condensation, the E-40-BK-EWP tends to have Enhanced Weather Protection or EWP.
  • When it comes to EWP products, these have foam rubber gaskets, gel-filled butt connectors, urethane or even thermal plastic potted type of circuit boards, along with sealed connections.

Application of this entry phone:

  • Door or also gate communication areas can be used at business delivery entrances.
  • You can employ with a Viking C-200 or even C-250 to control E-40-BK-EWP, particularly on a single line.
  • You can employ with a Viking C-500 to control 1 or also 2 (this can be expandable going to 8) E-40-BK-EWPs plus door/gate control upon a single phone line.
  • You will get unique front as well as backdoor chimes along with paging if utilized with the Viking SLP-1, SLP-4 plus C-2000B.
  • This entry phone can be used for residential, commercial as well as industrial door security purposes.

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