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VK-MTG-10 Viking Electronics Viking Multi-Tone Generator


The VK-MTG-1O is a multi-tone generator being sold by Viking Electronics. If you are interested in purchasing a multi-tone generator, have a look at this one form Viking Electronics.

You can ask your friends if they have brought any product from this company. Viking Electronics is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing products that deal with security and communication. Products from this company are designed, manufactured, along with support within the USA. Continue reading on to find out more about the VK-MTG-10.

Features of the VK-MTG-10

When wanting to buy a product, it can be a good idea to know its features so that you can understand what the item has to offer.
  • The model MTG-10 tends to be a multi-tone generator that is made to add multiple contact-controlled types of audio tones particularly to paging systems or also 600 Ohm inputs.
  • When it comes to the MTG-10’s audio input, this can be connected to any paging source. This includes phone system paging port or also background music.
  • When it comes to the MTG-10’s audio input, this can be connected to any paging source. This includes phone system paging port or also background music.
  • At the time that a contact closure gets provided to one of the vital inputs, the paging or also background music will fade out moreover the appropriate tone will get generated particularly over the paging system.
  • It is the siren or even the evacuation whoop that always have priority moreover over-ride any tone being generated.
  • This device can also be configured to give a tone particularly every 15 seconds with the aim of notifying callers that the conversation is actually being recorded.
  • The dimensions of this item are- overall height- top to bottom is 2.9 inches; the overall width- side to side is 2.1 inches; the overall depth- front to back is 1 inch.
  • Where to buy the VK-MTG-10 from and its price?

    Nevertheless, you need to be sure that the VK-MTG-10 is able to be sent to your location, i.e., does this item ship internationally if you stay somewhere far.

    Another place where you can check to see if they have the VK-MTG-1O is from a brick and mortar store that sells communication and security products.

    You can search on the internet to see if a shop like this is in the area where you stay. If the phone number is available, you can call the shop and ask them if they have the VK-MTG-10 and how much it is for. No doubt when we buy anything we want the best deal possible, therefore search around to find this.

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