VXi Console-V Amplifier Console plug prong amplifier with PJ327 plugs



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For two-prong telephones, choose the VXi Console Amplifier. As easy to set up as it is to use, the VXi Console Amplifier gives you just the features you need, like transmit (microphone) and receive (speaker) volume controls. Uniquely designed, our Console Amplifier's headset cord is offset (attached to the side of the amplifier, rather than in the middle), to reduce stress and minimize repairs. Three models are available, for compatibility with VXi, Plantronics and GN Netcom/Jabra headsets,Key design features have gone into the making of this reliable amplifier. Unlike competitive products, the headset cord is positioned to the side of the amplifier rather than directly in the middle, which prevents the user from roughly tearing the cord out of the unit. This reduces stress and repairs.

Key Feature

  • Nickel plugs won’t tarnish
  • Universal compatibility with all two-pronged style phones
  • Microphone and Receive volume controls 3.5mm standard Observer/Training headphone port 10 ft coil cord with quick disconnect
  • Compatible with all VXI quick disconnect headset models Sleek, attractive design, only 4 inches long