VXI OmniCord-G RJ9 lower Cord



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The Omnicord-G Audio Booster/Adapter from VXi is a 1-piece solution that replaces separate audio boosters and adapter cables. It simplifies headset setup for virtually all telephone systems. You can plug the standard RJ-9 connector into your phone's headset port and connect the quick disconnect (QD) to your GN Netcom/Jabra headset. It is cost-effective and keeps your desk clutter-free. To use the adapter, set the 3-position compatibility switch and the microphone volume.
  • Replaces both headset adapter and audio booster
  • RJ-9 connector plugs into the headset/handset port on the phone
  • 3-position slide switch for selecting the three common headset/handset port wiring configuration
  • 1-cord, 1-piece setup
  • Audio Booster: 8-position microphone gain adjustment provides transmit amplification when needed
  • Reduces workspace clutter and equipment costs
  • Compatible with GN Netcom/Jabra headsets
  • Boosts microphone volume when needed.