VXi Tria G Convertible Mono Headset with N/C Microphone & G Style QD



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The VXi Tria’s choice of wearing styles makes it easy for buyers and supervisors, and perfect for any user preference. But convertibility is only the beginning. Like all VXi headsets, Tria delivers dependable, professional-grade communications on both ends of the call. And though they’re all-day comfortable and lightweight, Tria headsets are also durably constructed, ready to handle day-after-day use in contact centers and office environments. 


  • Choose the wearing style you prefer.
  • Be heard clearly with the industry’s best noise cancelling—guaranteed.
  • Wear all day in lightweight comfort.
  • Use day after day, thanks to real-world durability.
  • Stay focused, with its stable, custom fit. 
VXi Tria G - Compatible with GN Netcom and G-series amplifiers and direct connect cords.